The Asian American Student Union, originally established as the Asian Student Union, was created in 1993 to unify all the Asian American organizations on campus. Today, we are composed of the Chinese American Student Association (CASA), the Filipino Student Association (FSA), Health Educated Asian Leaders (HEAL), the Korean Undergraduate Student Association (KUSA), and the Vietnamese Student Organization (VSO).
The Asian American Student Union seeks to promote Asian and Asian American Awareness at the University of Florida. We are dedicated to educating the campus about Asian American issues, history, and culture through creative and stimulating events. In addition, AASU strives to be the premier source or political and social advocacy. Lastly we intend to foster dedicated, educated and well-rounded members who apply their unique talents for the greater benefit of the global/social community.
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Congratulations UF 25!

We are so excited to welcome you to the University of Florida and introduce you to our Asian American community on campus. 

As we navigate the current climate of societal action and social distancing, it is more important than ever for us to stand together. Though this academic year will look different from any prior, we hope to help you find your place within our community and fulfill your potential to create change at UF and beyond.

In AASU, we aim to be a force of advocacy for student, social, and political concerns as well as a space to explore our identities, cultures, and experiences. Since 1993, we have executed cultural shows, facilitated educational programming, and led additional initiatives to unite student voices in the push for Asian American causes on campus.

We further aim to provide opportunities for your professional development and networking. Our sub-organizations, programs, and partners offer chances to grow as individuals, leaders, and changemakers. We invite you to explore our website and social media (FB: aasu.uf, IG: ufaasu) for a more comprehensive view of who we are. 

In this unprecedented time, we are working hard to provide our community with a meaningful and fulfilling student experience. We are so happy to share our family with you, and can’t wait to see you this fall.

Warmest regards,

Julie Phan & Gavin Leung

AASU Co-Presidents

The First-Year Leadership Program
The First-Year Leadership Program aims to cultivate creativity, community, and leadership through networking, team building, and service. Students will learn these skills through specific event committees, where they will develop experience in programming, advertising, and multimedia. First-years will use these skills to positively impact their UF community and beyond. We aspire to give incoming students an enjoyable first year experience while also educating upon APIDA issues, empowering them to excel beyond their limitations. 

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