Have you ever questioned what it means to beautiful?

Have you ever questioned the importance we put on beauty?

Have you ever been told you were or weren’t beautiful because of your race or ethnicity?

Monday, January 13th is AASU’s First Spring General Body Meeting: Beautification and Body Image, and we’ll be putting standards of beauty under the knife.

In this meeting we will be talking about the standards of beauty in Asian countries comparatively with standards of beauty in America, posing the question of what these ideals equate to for Asians, Americans, and Asian Americans. We will be considering the different aspects of these standards, their expectations, their implications, and the impact they can have on individuals, and on society as a whole.

Please join us as we question these ideals and the importance we put on beauty and attractiveness.

Location: Matherly 0016
Doors Open: 6 P.M.
Meeting Begins: 6:30 P.M.