Hello AASU!

Debating on taking an Asian American Studies course at UF, or even picking up the minor? Welcome to the first part of our blog series on perspectives of Asian American Studies at UF, here to enlighten you on different student experiences with the courses to inspire you to immerse yourself in the Asian American Studies. Today’s perspective comes from Tara Chang.

What is your name, year and major?
My name is Tara Chang. I am a freshman and my major is Information Systems.

What course did you take under the Asian American Studies minor?
I have only taken one course called Asian American Literature.

What were you initially looking to get out of it?
Initially, I thought that I just was going to learn about Asian American identity that is applicable to my personal life and that is what the books are going to be about.

What did you ultimately get out of it?
In the end, I learned a lot more than I expected. While my class does cover Asian American identity, it was supplemented by historical articles and analysis of themes such as exotification of Asia. I learned more about the history of Asian Americans that is not usually covered in history books, like Vincent Chin.

Why would you recommend it to others?
I would recommend others to take classes for the Asian American Studies minor because they will learn a lot. The topics that I have learned in my Asian American Literature, like food pornography and racist love, are topics that I have never heard of before taking the class. It was a great chance for me to fill in the gaps of my education on Asian America.

In general, why do you think Asian American Studies is important?
I believe that the Asian American Studies is important because it is an opportunity that you cannot find anywhere else to learn about your Asian American identity and history. I really urge everyone, especially AASU members, to take advantage of the opportunity and to at least sit in for one class that is under the Asian American Studies minor to gain some type of exposure in the issues that Asian Americans faced in the past and present.