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1302, 2014

Who cares about Asian American advocacy?

By |February 13th, 2014|AASU Blog|Comments Off on Who cares about Asian American advocacy?

By Alicia Soller, 2013-2014 Multimedia/Webmaster Chair
Some of my friends (and to be honest, some of my family) are really baffled by how and why I care so much about Asian American advocacy.
Is it that much of a mystery?
It’s the fact that a few of my friends call me as “chinky,” and I used to not […]

302, 2014

The Model Minority

By |February 3rd, 2014|AASU Blog|Comments Off on The Model Minority

By Wenyi Zhong, 2013-2014 Service Chair
          Stigmas. Stereotypes. Labels. These plague the world. These plague Asian Americans. Have you ever heard any of the following?
It’s because you’re Asian.
You’re Asian; you must be smart.
You’re Asian; you must get straight A’s.
You must study all the time.
You must be good at math and science.
You […]

2801, 2014

The Color Yellow

By |January 28th, 2014|AASU Blog|Comments Off on The Color Yellow

By Tony Yin, AASU’s 2013/2014 Sports Coordinator
            Once as a child, I woke up from a nap and observed light silently slip through my window. The wrinkled rays of illuminated dust drifted in lazy swirls and loops, and I laughed in a dreamy stupor. I sat in the warm glow […]