Zach Raad
Zach RaadCo-President
Year: 4th
Major: Chemistry and Chinese, Asian American Studies minor
Interests: reading, learning languages
Britney Rengert
Britney RengertCo-President
Year: 4th
Major: Health Science, pre-medicine track
Interests: soccer, painting
Vidya Narine
Vidya NarineInternal Vice President
Year: 4th
Major: Visual Arts
Interests: her dog, Ginger
Gavin Leung
Gavin LeungExternal Vice President
Year: 3rd
Major: Nutritional Sciences, pre-dental track
Soha Kazmi
Soha KazmiVice President of Education
Year: 3rd
Major: Biology, Chemistry minor
Mohan Kolla
Mohan KollaTreasurer
Year: 4th
Major: Biochemistry, Sociology
Interests: drawing
I’m a fourth year biochemistry and sociology double major. I was previously the treasurer for HEAL and I draw sometimes.
Hannah Songayab
Hannah SongayabSecretary
Year: 4th
Major: Applied Physiology & Kinesiology, Chinese minor, pre-physical therapy track
Interests: traveling for concerts and food!
Yewon Lee
Yewon LeeAdvocacy Chair
Year: 3rd
Major: Health Science
Interests: traveling, bullet journalling
Levin Besing
Levin BesingArchivist
Year: 3rd
Major: Interior Architecture
Interests: foolery
Simrun Waghray
Simrun WaghrayFundraising Chair
Year: 3rd
Major: Economics
Interests: dance
Stephany Pham
Stephany PhamMultimedia Chair
Year: 3rd
Major: Zoology
Interests: listening to music
Srikar Savaram
Srikar SavaramMultimedia Chair
Year: 3rd
Major: Biochemistry, pre-medicine track
Sabaina Ahmed
Sabaina Ahmed Service Chair
Year: 3rd
Major: Biochemistry, Anthropology minor, pre-medicine track
Michael Pu
Michael PuSports Coordinator
Year: 2nd
Major: Biochemistry
Interests: basketball, club tennis
Chloe Choi
Chloe ChoiFLP Co-Director
Year: 2nd
Major: Biology, pre-medicine track
Interests: painting, trying new foods
Karyl Sonza
Karyl SonzaFLP Co-Director
Year: 2nd
Major: Nursing
Interests: working out, playing soccer
Sarah Kwon
Sarah Kwon FLP Co-Director
Year: 2nd
Major: Psychology, pre-physician assistant
Interests: traveling
Michael Shi
Michael ShiFLP Co-Director
Year: 2nd
Major: Philosophy, pre-medicine track
Interests: volleyball, league
Alumni/Graduate Relations Chair
Conference Chair